When it comes to acting in drama and comedy or writing, we aim to find the your truth, to bring the best out of you.



Karl Argue is a Dublin born actor, who has been working in the industry for over 20 years. Appearing in a wide range theatre, films & TV Productions some credits include:  Red Rock (TV3), The Clinic (RTE), Savage (SP Films), When the Sky Falls (Sky Pictures),  A Dublin Story (Filmbase), Where the sea used to be (Too Old  Too Ugly Films), Head Rush, Zanzibar, Craic Whores (RTE2), The Anarchic Hand Affair. He has also developed as a writer for the stage & screen with notable credits including the stage play Candy Flipping Butterflies (Adopt a Hermit 2010) & Bus Project (fringe Festival 2007) & the short film The Anti-Love Pill (2014)

Karl worked & and Trained as a drama facilitator and continued his teacher training with Betty Ann Norton, since then he has worked with a large number of classes, schools, community groups & projects around Ireland some notable ones include: Trinity College Dublin (TAP programme), D.C.U. & Filmbase (Screenagers)

(Karl founded The Adopt a Hermit Theatre Co. in 2010 & The Actors Workshop Dublin in 2015)